Lil Kim

Lil Kim Without Makeup

July 11, 1974
New York, U.S.
45 years old
Birth Sign

From plastic surgery to free makeup application, when it comes to Lil Kim, it draws many attention. Not only her, in fact, but for all popular people. However, for this time, it is way better to narrow down the focus on Lil Kim without makeup only. It is not difficult to find her pictures without any cosmetic on her face. She did it so much often, as much as paparazzi loves to take her pictures.

Lil Kim Without Makeup

Lil Kim Without Makeup On

Though many people know her, but for few who don’t know, she is a talented American rapper that begins her career just after her childhood time. However, talent alone is not enough. Lucky for her as she met some good people within the industry that helped her to build her career, and become as popular as now. Back to Lil Kim without makeup, what do you say?

Lil Kim No Makeup On

Lil Kim No Makeup

Rather than a Lil Kim without makeup version, most of you must be more familiar with her smokey eyes and bold lipstick that she puts on her face. That way, she is beautiful, and the makeup really suits her. Moreover with the combination of stylish clothes that she wear alongside with some additional accessories, she is flawless just like other typical women celebrities with makeup. But that is the reality as it is not easy to appear perfect all the time, but thanks to makeup that makes it possible.

Lil Kim Without Makeup

Lil Kim Without Makeup

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The interesting part is, many people assume that Lil Kim without makeup looks more captivating than her version with long eyelashes, bold color of her lipstick and any colors that she drapes on your her face. Surprisingly, her face doesn’t need any cosmetic application, as it is already beautiful that way. Or else, if she wants to put some, it will be enough if it is only a thin layer of makeup. Do you think the same?