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Cardi B Without Makeup

October 11, 1992
The Bronx, New York, United States
31 years old
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Some look the same without makeup, others completely different. Cardi B has to count to the latter category.

But one thing is for sure; Cardi B doesn't care what people think about her appearance without makeup, as evident by the below quote:

"I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop."

Cardi B

It's inspiring that the rapper and former exotic dancer embraces her inner beauty because she does look very different with no makeup.

Cardi B without makeup
Stark contrast: Cardi B without makeup looked completely different while shopping in Miami

Who would have thought it the same person in the picture above? So different is the appearance of Cardi B when she's not wearing any makeup.

Void of foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick Cardi B looks like any other visitor to the mall.

Cardi B no makeup
Cardi B no makeup: Cardi B was almost unrecognizable while shopping makeup-free at Aventura Mall in Miami

It's hard to be a celebrity when you want privacy, an everyday activity like taking a stroll in the mall requires bodyguards.

Cardi B no makeup
Makeup-free or not, the fans still recognize their idol

Although Cardi B is without makeup and quite incognito, the fans still recognize her.

Cardi B without makeup on
Care-free: A bare-faced Cardi B smiling and showing the meaning of true beauty
Cardi B with and without makeup
Cardi B with and without makeup. Which version looks the best?
Cardi B without makeup
Cardi B without makeup comparison
Cardi B without makeup
Makeup-free: Cardi B, after a vacation with Offset, appearing in navy sweats as she steps out in New York