Oprah Without Makeup

Oprah Without Makeup

One of the most influential women on the planet, Oprah Winfrey, is a very famous woman and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Her popularity rivals that of former president Barack Obama who was helped by her in his election.

She is, no doubt, a wonderful person, but how does she look without makeup? The images below of Oprah will make everything clear.

Oprah Without Makeup
Oprah Without Makeup

There is no denying that her success comes from intellect and charm rather than looks. Indeed, she looks very different without makeup. She is unrecognizable when there is no makeup applied. Her natural look is just like other African American women. She doesn’t have a bright look without makeup.

Oprah Without Makeup
Oprah Without Makeup

In the case of Oprah makeup work almost as magic, it transforms her beyond recognition. Her heavy makeup may shock her fans. If she wore makeup on her tinder profile picture, people would arguably feel like she had not been entirely honest with her looks.

In any case, this will matter very little to those who know what kind of a person Oprah is, namely a role model.

Oprah Without Makeup
Oprah without makeup gives life to the expression ‘put my face on’.

Well, most celebrities look unrecognizable when they wipe off their makeup, but Oprah Winfrey takes it to a whole new level altogether. Thanks to the makeup artists who have magical hands, she completely transforms.

It’s not too unusual that celebrities look great when they have makeup on. But without makeup, they often look like ordinary people. That is what you can learn from the images of Oprah without makeup.

Oprah Winfrey Without Makeup
Stark difference: The appearance of Oprah Winfrey without makeup differs considerably from her otherwise glamorous self

For some, makeup is just icing on the cake. In Oprah’s case, however, it would seem makeup plays a crucial role in making her presentable for the tv cameras.

Oprah Winfrey no makeup
Unrecognizable: Oprah is that you? (Yes it is)
Oprah Winfrey without makeup
Completely different: Her facial features are more prominent and visible without makeup
Oprah before and after makeup
Oprah before and after makeup, is it even the same person?