Belle Delphine

How Belle Delphine Looks Without Makeup

January 23, 1999
South Africa
25 years old
Birth Sign

Many fans are curious about Belle Delphine's appearance without makeup, intrigued by the contrast between her elaborate online persona and her natural look. Despite her carefully curated image, there is a growing interest in glimpsing the person behind the persona.

From Cosplayer to Internet Sensation

Belle Delphine became famous for posting fairy and kitten costume photos on her Instagram account and is a cosplayer and social media personality.

Her journey from South Africa to the United Kingdom shaped her into the social media sensation we know today. After dropping out of Priestlands School at 14, she took on various odd jobs, from working as a barista to babysitting. Her social media career kicked off with cosplaying on Facebook, quickly amassing over 100k followers.

As her popularity grew, she ventured into more risqué content on platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans. Despite controversies and bans, Belle's creativity flourished, evident in her YouTube channel and original songs. She continues to captivate her millions of followers with her unique brand of online entertainment.

Pictures: Before and After Makeup

As a cosplayer makeup plays an obvious role in Belle Delphine's (Mary-Belle Kirschner) life, so what does Belle Delphine look like without makeup?

Let's look at some comparison images to find out!

Belle Delphine Without Makeup - Before and After
Belle Delphine Without Makeup - Before and After

Looking good with no makeup! Delphine is a natural beauty without makeup, not too surprising as she is quite young.

Belle Delphine no makeup comparison
Belle Delphine no makeup comparison
Belle Delphine normal look without makeup
Belle Delphine's normal look without makeup (or at least little makeup)

Again Belle Delphine, the bath water queen, looks great without makeup!

Belle Delphine with a moderate amount of makeup
Belle Delphine with a moderate amount of makeup

In the above picture, Belle Delphine still has some makeup on, but it allows for an idea of how she would look without makeup to emerge.

Belle Delphine no makeup parody
Just for fun: A slightly inaccurate comparison

Someone took their time to deform Belle Delphine's natural beauty to an abomination with the power and magic of Photoshop.