Asa Akira Without Makeup

January 3, 1986
Manhattan, New York, U.S.
38 years old
Birth Sign

In this article, we are going to tell you many interesting facts about the famous adult film superstar Asa Akira. We will provide you with some intriguing information about Asa Akira's personal life and also provide you the pictures of how she looks like with and without makeup. You will find many jaw-dropping facts about Asa Akira in this article.


As an adult film actress, Asa Akira look very beautiful in makeup and her pictures with makeup are admirable. Makeup enhances all the features of the female's face even the not so pretty actresses look beautiful here is a picture of Asa Akira which shows the difference of her facial appearance with and without makeup.

No matter how she looks but she still has thousands of followers.

Asa Akira No Makeup
Cute: Makeup or not, Asa Akira looks great!
Asa Akira With and Without Makeup
Comparison: Asa Akira seems to be aware of how different she looks without makeup
Asa Akira No Makeup
Stark difference: Without makeup on Asa Akira looks completely different


Asa Akira is an adult film actress from America. She is also an adult film director and author. Akira was born of Japanese parents in Manhattan, New York. She worked as a cashier in a children's book store in her teenage. She was also very health conscious from an early age and avoided eating junk food. Asa Akira is an award-winning adult film actress. She has successfully appeared in 505 adult films.

She is also married to an adult film actor Toni Ribas. She became the second Asian female to receive the AVN female performer of the year award in 2013. She received this award of AVN best female performer in the year after Bobbi Starr who was her co-worker received this award. She joined this industry at the age of 19 and started playing roles of a dominatrix. She also worked as a stripper in a club in New York. Akira states that she is interested in both men and women but she disliked to be called a bisexual.