Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Without Makeup

July 18, 1980
Huntington Woods, Michigan, U.S.
43 years old
Birth Sign

Kristen Bell is an American actress who played the title character in the drama series Veronica Mars.

She is naturally beautiful and looks great without makeup. Sometimes the difference can be like night and day, but Kristen Bell without makeup has a healthy and radiant glow.

Pictures of Kristen Bell Without Makeup

While Kristen Bell isn't known for wearing a ton of makeup, you're probably pretty used to seeing her with foundation, a little blush, and some mascara.

The before and after pictures below of Kristen Bell with - and without makeup will give a better idea.

Kristen Bell without makeup
Kristen Bell without makeup on shows off her wondrous smile and natural beauty

The red lipstick she often chooses combined with eyeliner comes to its full right and helps define and highlight her features.

Kristen Bell without makeup on
Still a cutie pie: Well yes perhaps the difference is more palpable in this comparison picture, but Kristen still looks stunning without makeup
Kristen Bell without makeup au natural
Au natural: Kristen Bell was spotted makeup-free in Los Feliz while getting a fresh juice

It probably makes it easier to go barefaced when you look that pretty underneath.

Kristen Bell no makeup selfie
Makeup or no makeup? Which one looks the best?
Kristen Bell without makeup omparison
If looks could kill: A somewhat intense Kristen Bell, without makeup on, compared to a more relaxed Kristen Bell, with makeup on. But it's safe to say that both versions look good!