Kesha Without Makeup

kesha no makeup

Did you ever wonder what Kesha looks like without makeup? Kesha is a successful singer who frequently wears makeup in her music videos and on stage. Further she has starred in movies such as Bravo Supershow, Jem and the holograms and Bad Moms. Her personal life is interesting too. Did you know that Kesha is a vegetarian and that she has performed commitment ceremonies for couples, both gay and heterosexual? Now lets talk makeup!

kesha without makeup

To the left you see Kesha without makeup and to the right you see Kesha with her famous glitter look.

Although Kesha isn’t very girly she has nothing against wearing a little makeup. Glitter is an important part of Kesha’s style, if you are around her you are going to get glitter on you according to herself. In fact she covers her body as well as her face in glitter using hairspray to make sure the glitter sticks. Indeed she was once quoted as saying that “glitter is my makeup of choice”.

kesha no makeup

Mascara, eyeliner and glitter are very important if you want to create that Kesha look!

To get Kesha’s makeup look apply a gold eyeshadow and a heavy black eyeliner. Some mascara and a pale coloured lip gloss are also important makeup components. But be sure to remember the most important part: the glitter on your face! Smear glitter on your forehead and cheeks and around your eyes. While you are at it you might as well run some glitter through you hair and on your body! If you like nail polish you should use a bright colour and add… Can you guess it? That’s right: Glitter!

kesha natural face

Kesha captured on image without makeup on her face. She only put on makeup when she feels like it and is very confident indeed.

kesha without cosmetica

Kesha looks good without makeup, but she really looks like a completely different person!