Katrina Kaif Without Makeup Pictures

July 16, 1983
Hong Kong, China
40 years old
Birth Sign


Katrina Kaif looks ravishing as ever. Find out what she looks like without makeup. The pictures below reveal her natural beauty.

Katrina Kaif is a British Indian actress with former modeling career. Her body measurements are perfect example of hourglass shaped a her bust size is considered one of the best among Bollywood actresses. Kaif wears 34B bra size and weights 127 pounds. This beautiful actress has mixed ancestry, her mother is English. She has eight siblings. Kaif began her modeling career in Hawaii, when she was only fourteen years old.

In 2003, there was a rumor that Kaif and Salman Khan were in a relationship. She confirmed it in 2010 after things ended between them. According to Katrina, that was a serious relationship. Supposedly, they had separated because of an affair. She and Ranbir Kapoor had grown so close during the production of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Three years later, they separated, photos of them on vacation in Ibiza leaked. To many, that confirmed all the allegations. The two broke up in February 2016.

No Makeup Pictures

Katrina Kaif looks enchanting without makeup on her face. Indeed, the following pictures are proof that no makeup is needed in order to look your best.

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup
Katrina Kaif appears stunning even without makeup, and the profession is equally admirable with a bare face.
Katrina Kaif No Makeup
Makeup or No Makeup: Which look enhances Katrina Kaif's beauty more?
Katrina Kaif Makeup-Free
Katrina Kaif should go makeup-free more often! She is radiant!
Katrina Kaif With Minimal Makeup
Katrina Kaif with minimal or no makeup.

Quotes by Katrina Kaif

"I'm not a television anchor for a Hindi channel or a radio jockey. So I may not be able to have a spontaneous conversation in Hindi. I'm a Bollywood actress, and I can certainly speak my dialogue in Hindi."

Katrina Kaif Without MakeupKatrina Kaif

"I don't believe there is any point in holding on to too many things in life."

Katrina Kaif Without MakeupKatrina Kaif

"I believe in destiny, God's hand and hard work."

Katrina Kaif Without MakeupKatrina Kaif

"I want to clear this once and for all. I was born in Hong Kong. I grew up in Japan and China. London is not home for me. I was there only for three years before I moved to India, but that's probably why I am connected with it. London is definitely not the place I consider my home. It's India that I consider home."

Katrina Kaif Without MakeupKatrina Kaif

"No support of one star or one director or one producer can make any individual actor a star. You have to connect with the audience; the audience have to like you. That is something that cannot be manipulated or fought for or tried for. Either they like you, or they don't."

Katrina Kaif Without MakeupKatrina Kaif