• Kate Upton

Kate Upton Without Makeup

June 10, 1992
Michigan, U.S.
31 years old
Birth Sign

When seeing Kate Upton without makeup, you got to wonder; Is she a supermodel or your average girl next door? Regardless she looks stunning!

Whether she's showing off her killer curves or flashing a no-makeup grin, Kate consistently shows she's a confident gal.

"I think that glamour is about confidence. I think that however somebody feels beautiful, that's glamour."

Kate Upton
Kate Upton without makeup
Kate Upton without makeup

Usually, there is a drastic difference in the appearance of celebrities, depending on whether they are wearing makeup or not. Not so much the case for Kate Upton, who shines in her makeup-free glory.

Kate Upton without makeup
Bare-faced and carefree: Kate Upton, enjoying a coffee, has wiped off her makeup and shows her popped pimple

Kate Upton looks lovely either with or without makeup. She proves that beauty is not coming from makeup but inner beauty; this is evident from her positive attitude and radiant smiles.

Kate Upton without Makeup
Kate Upton no makeup

She may be very busy with her schedule in the entertainment world, but she still keeps her routine to exercise like running. The picture above is from the daily running workout of Kate Upton and shows her beauty without makeup.

The model has a gorgeous look with her outfits, and she looks fresh as well as fit. The exercise is indeed an essential factor to keep the body and skin healthy.

Kate Upton no makeup
Taking a stroll: Kate Upton looks healthy as she goes makeup-free to walk dog, Harley

It's refreshing and inspirational to see the star so comfortable in her skin without any makeup.

Kate Upton without any makeup
Comparison: Kate Upton without any makeup

It's true that, without makeup, the blemishes and uneven skin tone on Kate's bare face gets visible, showing us that she is human like the rest of us. But what a beautiful human!