Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

July 26, 1973
London, England
50 years old
Birth Sign


Kate Beckinsale looks fantastic as ever. Find out what she looks like without makeup. The pictures below reveal her natural beauty.

Beckinsale’s famous roles include vampire warrior Selene from Underworld and Lori from Total Recall. She appeared on many magazine covers wearing daring outfits. Most notable are Esquire, Women’s Health, Maxim and Men’s Style.

Kate Beckinsale dated actor Michael Sheen from 1995 to 2003. They have a daughter named Lily. She was born in 1999. She got married to director Len Wiseman in 2004. They divorced in 2016.

No Makeup Pictures

Kate Beckinsale looks exquisite without makeup on her face. Indeed, the following pictures are proof that no makeup is needed in order to look your best.

Kate Beckinsale Without Makeup
Kate Beckinsale with little to no makeup on her face. Outstanding!
Kate Beckinsale No Makeup
Makeup or No Makeup: Which look enhances Kate Beckinsale's beauty more?
Kate Beckinsale Makeup-Free
Kate Beckinsale should go makeup-free more often! She is admirable!

Quotes by Kate Beckinsale

"If I ever have sex with someone I might be able to develop a sense of humor."

Kate Beckinsale No MakeupKate Beckinsale

"Given that I can't sing like Freddie Mercury, obviously I'm not going to pursue it as a career. What would be the point?"

Kate Beckinsale No MakeupKate Beckinsale

"I don't have a big career plan. I just like to see how things come out, and I just try to keep going in different directions."

Kate Beckinsale No MakeupKate Beckinsale

"What's considered ideal in Hollywood is completely different than anywhere else in the world. I don't think you can aspire to it, nor can I. Everybody is retouched, stretched, lengthened, slimmed and trimmed. I could look at a picture of myself from the past and think, 'Why don't I look like that now?' It's because I never have!"

Kate Beckinsale No MakeupKate Beckinsale

"Someone once said that you can make the choice between getting old and getting creepy, and I think getting old is the way to go."

Kate Beckinsale No MakeupKate Beckinsale