• AzzyLand

AzzyLand Without Makeup

February 23, 1991
Toronto, Canada
33 years old
Birth Sign

AzzyLand, also known as Azra Bajrami, is the manifestation of cuteness.

The YouTube star often appears in her videos with lots of foundation and mascara; she makes sure always to look fabulous.

But how does AzzyLand without makeup look? Fortunately for us, she’s not afraid of showing her makeup-free face. In a hilarious YouTube video, she lets her boyfriend do her makeup voiceover.

Makeup or no makeup?

With or without makeup, AzzyLand looks stunning though we can spot one difference. The main difference in appearance is around her eyes, which without foundation, eyeliner, and mascara, looks different.

Other than that, there aren’t many differences since the YouTuber has flawless skin and is a natural beauty.

AzzyLand no makeup

It’s easy to see that AzzyLand is comfortable in her skin, anyone that posts a YouTube video and appearing bare-faced in it proves that much.

And it’s also easy to understand why; the makeup-free face of AzzyLand looks good, but AzzyLand’s beautiful smile and positive vibes make her look even better still.

AzzyLand’s boyfriend Jordi commentating while Azzyland puts on her makeup