Zendaya Without Makeup

September 1, 1996
Oakland, California, U.S.
27 years old
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Did you ever wonder what Zendaya look like without makeup? The star Zendaya is a succesful American actress, singer and dancer which uses makeup as a natural part of her occupation. Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman and she has been active since 1996. Like many other young stars she started her career starring in the Disney Channel and then rose to fame to become the famous person we know today.

This star looks good both with and without makeup, there is nobody denying that. But nevertheless her use of eye makeup and other cosmetics makes her look different and if you will more beautiful. She was once quoted as saying: “I love playing with makeup. Makeup has become a thing where it’s an art form. It’s not a thing where you use it because you need to feel beautiful or because you don’t like the way you look.”

Zendaya No Makeup

When she is starring in movies and at occasions when she has to look her best she takes use of her makeup artist which indeed does a very good job. When she was little she did her makeup herself. She once said the following: “There were a lot of times people would do my makeup, and it would be awful, and I would be orange. Nothing matched. So then you learn how to do your own makeup. I watched a lot of YouTube videos when I was little and taught myself.” Below are a couple of pictures of Zendaya before and after she has undergone a makeup transformation. As seen Zendaya likes to wear makeup products such as foundation, lipstick and mascara.

Pictures of Zendaya without makeup.
Zendaya Without Makeup

Zendaya Natural Face

Zendaya Before and After Makeup

Do you want to achieve Zendaya’s makeup look? There are plenty of makeup tips which are useful if you want to get the looks of Zendaya. Many tips are covered in the makeup tutorial below. Watch it to get inspired. Note the eye makeup part of the video which is important for that particular look.