• Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Without Makeup

December 4, 1973
Inglewood, California, U.S.
50 years old
Birth Sign

As a former supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel, Tyra Banks is used to looking glamorous, and often do. But she is also one of those celebrities who aren't afraid of posting makeup-free selfies of themselves.

She has beautiful but distinct facial features and looks surprisingly different without makeup.

When it comes to makeup, Tyra Banks likes smokey eyes with bright pink or red lipsticks, and this striking combination seems to have become her trademark.

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me."

Tyra Banks

"Perfekt is boring, human is beautiful."

Tyra Banks

Pictures of Tyra Banks without makeup

Is it possible for the makeup-free face of this beauty queen to look so dramatically different from her regular bare face?

Below are some images of Tyra Banks without makeup that shows that so is indeed the case.

Tyra Banks Without Makeup Pictures
Tired: When not wearing any makeup Tyra Banks bags under her eyes gets visible
Tyra Banks no makeup
Good morning sunshine: Tyra Banks, with no makeup, looks adorable in this picture
Tyra Banks with no makeup
Tyra Banks appearing bare-faced
Tyra Banks Without Makeup
Tyra Banks without makeup
Tyra Banks without makeup
With or without makeup?
Tyra Banks No Makeup
Tyra Banks no makeup
Tyra Banks without makeup
A slightly younger Tyra Banks with no makeup
Tyra Banks Without Makeup
Killing it: Tyra Banks showing her fun side by making a funny facial expression. The tv-personality seems to have a healthy relationship with beauty as she dares to look goofy

It's safe to say that Tyra Banks without makeup looks very different, plainly stated; she looks quite tired, but beautiful.