Kim Taehyung No Makeup

December 30, 1995
Daegu, South Korea
28 years old
Birth Sign


Kim Taehyung looks gorgeous as ever. Find out what he looks like without makeup. The pictures below reveal his natural beauty.

Kim Tae-Hyung is one of the most famous personalities in the Korean music industry. He is popularly known by the name of V in the whole Korean industry. He is a well-known singer, record producer, and actor with some of the most amazing achievements in the industry. He is also a very successful vocalist for the South Korean Boy Group know by BTS.

Kim Tae-Hyung is one of the finest singers in the field of music and recording. He was very keen to learn music from an early age, and it was all his father’s support that has made him so very popular. He is one of those personalities who is completely dedicated to his work and has not shared any information about his personal life and marital status.

No Makeup Pictures

Kim Taehyung looks marvelous without makeup on his face. Indeed, the following pictures are proof that no makeup is needed in order to look your best.

Kim Taehyung Without Makeup
Kim Taehyung with little to no makeup on his face. Outstanding!
Kim Taehyung No Makeup
Makeup or No Makeup: Which look enhances Kim Taehyung's beauty more?
Kim Taehyung Makeup-Free
Kim Taehyung should go makeup-free more often! He is extraordinary!
Kim Taehyung With Minimal Makeup
Kim Taehyung with minimal or no makeup.

Quotes by Kim Taehyung

"I like to pick one piece that pops against everything else. I like flashy shirts, or I'll wear a simple shirt with a fancy tie. I also like vintage pieces, more stand-out ones."

Kim Taehyung Without MakeupKim Taehyung

"The fans gave us the wings that allowed us to be where we are. So we're always thankful, and we know we're here thanks to our fans."

Kim Taehyung Without MakeupKim Taehyung

"I've been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven't found the right one, but I'm not giving up!"

Kim Taehyung Without MakeupKim Taehyung

"I want to try doing music in the style of Conan Gray or 'All Tinted.'"

Kim Taehyung Without MakeupKim Taehyung

"For a long time, I have loved Coldplay and I have always enjoyed listening to their music."

Kim Taehyung Without MakeupKim Taehyung