Valeria Lukyanova human barbie doll

Human Barbie Without Makeup

June 21, 1992
Tiraspol, Moldova
31 years old
Birth Sign

Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie) is a Ukrainian model who is known mainly for one reason: her doll-like appearance.

Human Barbie with makeup
The Human Barbie, aka Valeria Lukyanova, gets help with putting her makeup on

This "real-life Barbie" manages through the magic of plastic surgery and makeup look like a surreal life-sized fashion doll. She is known for her slim figure, colorful hair, and extreme makeup.

How Does The Human Barbie Doll Without Makeup Look?

Well, quite frankly pretty good! Granted the fairytale illusion gets a bit interrupted, but other than that the human barbie without makeup looks great!

Human Barbie without makeup
Makeup off: The Human Barbie without makeup

"I truly don’t understand people who are ashamed to be without any makeup on. And there are quite a lot of people who can’t accept themselves this way. It is so shocking."

Valeria Lukyanova (as reported by the Sun UK)
Human Barbie No Makeup
Makeup free: The difference between Human Barbie with makeup vs without makeup is striking
Human Barbie without makeup
Human Barbie without makeup on looking cute with a hair bun
Human Barbie doll without makeup
Valeria looks less like Barbie than she usually does even though she has some makeup on
Human Barbie without makeup (Valeria-Lukyanova)
Human Barbie without makeup (Valeria-Lukyanova)
Human Barbie without makeup
On the gym: Human Barbie with barely any makeup