Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Without Makeup

April 16, 1889
London, England
Death date
December 25, 1977 (age 88)
Birth Sign

Do you still remember a silent film entitled The Tramp? If you do, then you must recognize the main character played by an English actor who used to perform in eccentric look, right? He was Charlie Chaplin, a comic actor who came to prominence in Victorian Era.  Most memorable things of Charlie Chaplin in this silent film are his toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, and walking stick.

Charlie Chaplin Without Makeup

Charlie Chaplin without makeup, the difference is night and day

The toothbrush mustache and his thick eyebrows contrasted to his pale white face. Surely he needed to apply this weird makeup every time he performed. However, this eccentric appearance helped him to be a memorable comic character in that film. Have you ever imagined what Charlie Chaplin without makeup looked like?

Charlie Chaplin No Makeup

Charlie Chaplin with no makeup – before and after

Apparently, the composer and filmmaker born on 16 April 1889 who used to apply weird makeup as comedic performer looked different when he didn’t use makeup. Actually he was finely handsome without makeup that he always put on in comedy film. He looked like other actors with elegant outfit.

Charlie Chaplin Young without Makeup

Young without makeup: A young Charlie Chaplin looking dashing without his iconic makeup

His real eyebrows were not as thick as the eyebrows that he put on while he performed in the film. His side swept curly hair was quite neat. Based on this portrait, you can see the difference between Charlie Chaplin without makeup and his appearance with makeup as he played in comedy film.