Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny Without Makeup

June 26, 1991
Pittsburgh, PA
32 years old
Birth Sign

Makeup does wonders to a lady, doesn’t it? Even though majority of people criticize woman on makeup and how they feel ugly without it, doesn’t degrade the value of makeup these days. You have to look pretty and who cares whether it is makeup or not.

Amanda Cerny without makeup

How Amanda Cerny really looks without makeup

Amanda Cerny; with or without makeup?

Amanda Cerny is a famous Play Boy model and does she need an introduction? I guess not! She has been the hottest magazine cover girl too and with endless fame and admiration, this perfectly figured lady has millions of hearts, throbbing for her! There are a lot of people who would criticize her too about how she would not manage to steal hearts without makeup for a single day even. But let’s hold on to the criticism and look at some of her cutest photos which have been shot without a trace of makeup. Amanda Cerny is a natural beauty and she looks pretty fine without makeup too. However, it is no shame that her beauty enhances to a totally different level with makeup and considering the industry she is in, Amanda needs to keep herself updated as well.  But it is undeniable that Amanda Cerny has the ability to look pretty with or without makeup!

Amanda Cerny before and after makeup

Amanda Cerny before and after makeup

Amanda Cerny Bio:

Amanda Cerny is the founder of Play Foundation and is one of the perfect fitness professional too. With almost 17 million followers on Instagram and 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, this television is personality is a delight to look at. This stunner was born in Pittsburgh and was raised in Florida. However, she later on moved to California where she lived in LA. Before gathering her fame and being the founder of Play Foundation, she gathered her popularity from the app Vine. She made 6 seconds video on that app and with time, she was able to gather an audience of 4.6 million to follow her there. She has also been the cover model for Health & Wellness magazine.