Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Without Makeup

November 5, 1983
Privett, Hampshire, England
40 years old
Birth Sign

Alexa Chung is from England and is a successful model. She has also worked as a television presenter. She has gotten her Chinese surname from her father who was from China. Her mother had her origin from England where Alexa Chung grew up.

The modell does not use makeup excessively. She has a kind of natural look and a team that help her. The model has said following: “My look is pretty low maintenance, I have a great team around me for hair and make-up, and they have also taught me some great tricks over the years for when I’m doing my own.”

As a modell you have to look good and Chung does a very good job. It is hard to find pictures of here without makeup. But there are pictures of here that expose her true appearance, such as those below. On the pictures she has little or no makeup at all.

Alexa Chung Celeb Without Makeup 1

This is what Alexa Chung looks like without makeup.

alexa chung celeb without makeup 2

Alexa Chung has no makeup on her face in this picture.

alexa chung celeb without makeup 5

Alexa Chung without any makeup on her face.

alexa chung celeb without makeup 3

This is a very casual look, no makeup is involved in this picture except for some lipstick.