Sting No Makeup

March 20, 1959
Omaha, NE
64 years old
Birth Sign


Sting looks incredible as ever. Find out what he looks like without makeup. The pictures below reveal his natural beauty.

Born Steve Borden but best known by the ring name Sting, he is a veteran wrestler who has won multiple championships with NWA, WCW and TNA in his career.

He began his wrestling career in in 1985, under the ring name Flash.

He is recognized by my signature white and black face paint.

Sting’s first wife was Sue Borden, with whom he got married in 1986. She gave birth to two sons named Garrett Lee and Steve, Jr. and later to a baby girl named Gracie. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long, and they applied for a divorce in 2010. He got married to Sabine in 2015, who is his second wife. They met at one of the wrestling events of WrestleMania. His eldest son is currently going to Azusa Pacific University, where is included in the college football team. Garret is now playing in the Kansas City Chiefs team, drafted in 2015 NFL.

No Makeup Pictures

Sting looks fantastic without makeup on his face. Indeed, the following pictures are proof that no makeup is needed in order to look your best.

Sting Without Makeup
Looking good: Sting looks radiant without makeup.
Sting No Makeup
Makeup or No Makeup: Which look enhances Sting's beauty more?
Sting Makeup-Free
Sting should go makeup-free more often! He is hot!
Sting With Minimal Makeup
Sting with minimal or no makeup.

Quotes by Sting

"I really wanted to work with David Lynch. I was a big fan of The Elephant Man and Eraserhead."

Sting No MakeupSting

"I think love has something to do with allowing a person you claim to love to enter a larger arena than the one you create for them."

Sting No MakeupSting

"The more irrational of us are worried about the millennium ending - as if a date would really matter."

Sting No MakeupSting

"The acceptance of death gives you more of a stake in life, in living life happily, as it should be lived. Living for the moment."

Sting No MakeupSting

"I think there's room for both private exploration and group work in Yoga."

Sting No MakeupSting