Mahira Khan No Makeup Pictures

December 21, 1982
41 years old
Birth Sign


Mahira Khan looks sizzling as ever. Find out what she looks like without makeup. The pictures below reveal her natural beauty.

Mahira Khan net worth: Mahira Khan is a Pakistani actress who has a net worth of $6 million. Mahira Khan was born in Karachi, Pakistan in December 1984. She was named one of the Top 10 sexiest Asian women in 2015 and the sexiest Pakistani woman of 2015. Khan was a VJ on MTV Pakistan at just 16 years old.

No Makeup Pictures

Mahira Khan looks splendid without makeup on her face. Indeed, the following pictures are proof that no makeup is needed in order to look your best.

Mahira Khan Without Makeup
Looking good: Mahira Khan looks extraordinary without makeup.
Mahira Khan No Makeup
Makeup or No Makeup: Which look enhances Mahira Khan's beauty more?
Mahira Khan Makeup-Free
Mahira Khan should go makeup-free more often! She is gorgeous!
Mahira Khan With Minimal Makeup
Mahira Khan with minimal or no makeup.

Quotes by Mahira Khan

"I romanticise every moment of my life, and that is why I have fallen in love with life."

Mahira Khan Without MakeupMahira Khan

"My first priority is my child."

Mahira Khan Without MakeupMahira Khan

"I've been travelling, returning home for promotional appearances, and juggling it all with being the mother of a five-year-old."

Mahira Khan Without MakeupMahira Khan

"I loved 'Highway.' It was amazing. I have watched Imtiaz Ali's other films, too, and he is one of my favourite Bollywood directors, besides Vishal Bhardwaj and Mani Ratnam."

Mahira Khan Without MakeupMahira Khan

"Once I did a film like 'Verna,' which was emotionally draining, I knew I needed to do something lighter and entertaining."

Mahira Khan Without MakeupMahira Khan