Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Makeup

February 17, 1981
New York, U.S.
38 years old
Birth Sign

People are curious what celebrities look like when they don’t apply any makeup. Especially the American actress like Paris Hilton that always perform in glamorous outfit and makeup gets people wonder. Paris Hilton no makeup is difficult to recognize. As a socialite, Paris Hilton has good taste in selecting what she needs to wear for any occasions.

Paris Hilton Before After Makeup

Paris Hilton Before After Makeup On

However, sometimes she is spotted in casual look without much makeup. Surely, she still seems perfect even without cosmetic. For example, when she is seen on the beach, her face is completely free from makeup, not even lipstick is applied. Her eyes look a more slanted without mascara or eyeliner that usually makes her eyes look bigger. At a glance, she seems as if she has no eyebrows, because her light colored eyebrows are shaved in that way.

Paris Hilton Makeup On

Paris Hilton Makeup On

The pictures of Paris Hilton no makeup show that she has natural beauty. Although she doesn’t use makeup, her cute look still remains. The supermodel with great body shape and pretty face might make you envy. If you compare Paris Hilton no makeup and her common appearance on TV with much makeup, you will find the difference is quite significant.

Paris Hilton Makeup On

Paris Hilton Makeup On

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The actress who is known as DJ and singer has fine thin lips. Even without lipsticks, her lips look good. What do you think about Paris Hilton no makeup? Does she look much better with minimalist makeup or no makeup at all? Well, she is a wealthy celebrity after all, so she can have special treatment to enhance her beauty without makeup.