Lily Collins

Lily Collins No Makeup

March 18, 1989
Guildford, England
34 years old
Birth Sign

How does Lily Collins without makeup look? The actress, who is the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins, has nothing to be ashamed of.

While some people look completely different and downright horrible without makeup, this is not the case with Lily Collins.

She has a natural beauty and beautiful skin with no real need for makeup. For her makeup is not used for hiding ugliness, but to enhance her beauty.

Lily Collins no makeup
Challenge accepted: Lily Collins took on the #BeautyMarks challenge and posted a makeup-free selfie of herself. Her beautiful eyebrows really shine through

"No makeup, just me. My girl [Ciara] is encouraging all of us to show the world our real selves on social media... and I’m thrilled to help push this positive message..."

Lily Collins

Lily Collins takes a stand in the importance of having a positive body image, that no makeup is needed, and that everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

Lily Collins without makeup
Comparison: Lily Collins without makeup still looks great